Wrong Bike For The Job… Specialized McLaren

Picture from here bicycle retailer.com  

It happens all too often, mere mortals cannot afford the latest run of "boutique" taiwanese plastic.  Ive been around bikes for half of my life, and it seems that the latest process of rebranding such as SPecial X SuckAss X THis paint that paint  blah blah blah 20k for a bike seems a bit absurd, these fucking collaborations are idiotic.  We reduced the weight between 9-11% then added some paint, slapped on a sticker and voila wall art.  No really this is a yuppie attempt at wall art, it even includes a "hanger" so you can "display"  you're matching shoes, bike, helmet, because lets face you won't be riding it.  If I were buying art I certainly wouldn't buy plastic that depreciates almost immediately.  Lets talk next about demographics, and the fact that 90% of the intended customer base for this bike has no clue of how to change a tubular tire, reality that 85% probably don't know what a tubular tire is.  Don't me wrong house branded components are cool on two thousand dollar bikes, but on something that supposedly has a value of nearly ten times that just WHAT THE FUCK?  Dear Special-ED your are shameful.