Initial Review: VEE TIRE Trax Fatty 29+ Tire

Big thanks to CITY CYCLE for making this a possibility.
I was lucky enough to snag one of the first sets of these, the first production 29+ tubeless tire, Vee Rubber Trax Fattys.  Having my general luck with my Surly Knards, see small nicks in sidewall and unpredictability in tubeless setup,  I was happy to give these a go.  So, how did I mount these tubeless tires to non tubeless Velocity Dually Rims?

Velocity included a rim strip on the front rims and I chose to use gorilla tape on the back, after using a split tube setup for another front wheel I had.  So all the bases are covered I guess.  They sealed up easily in all cases, with a floor pump and some soapy water to make them seat properly.  I let the tires sit overnight with 25psi in them, I came back in the morning and the rear (gorilla tape) had 3psi in it, and the front (velocity strip) had 12psi.  THIS WAS WITHOUT sealant, I then used some Stan's No Tubes sealant, because Orange Seal SUCKS!!!!  No really I tried Orange Seal last year, and its cool if you like to spend three times the money for 1/3 the quality product (it didn't seal anything compared to Stan's).  They still hold air pretty well, both of them with the Sealant, but in an ideal world I would put another Velocity Rim Strip on the back wheel, its lighter than gorilla tape and seems to work better.
krampus, jones bars, chris king, frame bags, dropper what more do you need?

On the trail these tires rock, well they ride rocks well, and I have yet to slice a sidewall, or even nip one.  They roll similarly to a knard but have more grip, maybe thanx to the tire compound or the fact that they are tubeless…

more to come soon on these  size comparison below
minion 2.5"/ trax fatty/ surly knard