Interbike 2014: Making Up For A Decade

A hell of a lot has changed in a decade!  I've gotten back into the industry which provides me with joy, I've been provided with a new found stoked-ness for riding, getting out and getting on my bike as often as I can.  I new this year that trying to cram ten years of missing Interbike into two days would be hard, next year I will hopefully spend the entire week there… maybe I'll even road trip or something epic.

Even though I had a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish there was still so much to see, lets hope next year I can make more days, or maybe just not have so many meetings.  A whole lot of people hate Interbike, but you can meet some pretty awesome people.  You can see things in the mechanical flesh that puts them into perspective in real life.  You can even hang out with like minded people that loves bikes and cycling as much as you do.

I hope to elaborate on how good Vegas is, well wait Vegas kinda sucks, but Interbike and the people who attend are rad.