#FITINTHATKIT: Day 15 of 365 So far so good

Day 15, the day the changes don't feel so weird.  I think that so far I am doing well, I have seen a distinct change in my legs, and my stomach.  I can't wait to fit in that kit.  The real test will be this weekend, when I can't prepare food for myself, I will have to eat as light as possible.  I won't have a bike with me for 4 days, so that bums me out a lot.  I plan to start really commuting to work next week, hope the weather cooperates. This will allow me to get on the bike as much as possible.  The good old cross check is going to be my steed for this.

I am really pondering an All City Spacehorse, Ocean Air Cycles Rambler, or a Fargo set up a bit different than everyone else's.


livingminimal said…
This is awesome! I am in the same boat. I am just wrapping up my first CX season and I really want to slim down and take it more seriously next year. I am in XXL kits right now (and theyre starting to get looser, finally) and I really want to buy a new XL kit to reward myself and push me. Overall goal is to lose 40-45lbs before July 1st and race better next year. Stoke you're doing this and will be following along!