Friday, October 3, 2014

#FITINTHATKIT: Day2 A Little Bit More

I decided today to drink some coffee, outside.  #Coffeeoutside is something kinda special to me, really for me this is the start of doing something that you wouldn't normally do on a bike, just for the sake of getting back out on a bike…  I felt pretty good and loaded up one of my Swift panniers and went for a quick rip, got to a spot, made some coffee, drank it, enjoyed the outdoors, and then was back on the bike.

Part of losing weight is changing the way you do things, little things like taking a bike instead of taking a car.  So today I ran some errands after being outside a while.  I like little family owned companies, in our town today I chose to visit a family paint store and the local coffee shop to pick up some fresh beans for more coffee outside tomorrow.

Keeping with the dieting part of this I've eaten some yogurt, pumpkin seed granola, salad with vinaigrette, and squash soup.  This is breakfast before riding, and lunch after.  Im off to set up for the Allegheny Adventure X-Fest tonight if you're around stop down and say hi at the City Cycle booth for a chance to win some Salsa Cycles swag.

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