#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Robert's Mukluk Custom Bikepacking rig

I got to have some fun with this one and outfit it with nearly every bag (still waiting on a few) to make this thing complete for a bike packing/fishing trip with some bushwhacking.  The beauty of the fatbike is simple, its a go anywhere machine that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.  I personally can't wait for my Salsa to get here, and not to bad mouth Surly, but these bikes have some of the most dialed geometry in terms of fatbikes.   But enough about bikes, I'm going to go ride some today.  Get fat!


Todd Shank said…
nice set up......remember to roll your Viscacha seat bag under and not over...word from the wise, especially if you have wet weather
Hope Cyclery said…
thanks, this is how the customer had theirs rolled. Mine is definitely under. There will be plenty of more content so check back.