#FITINTHATKIT: What I Have Done, And What I Need To Do

Over the last few months, I have learned how to control myself, what an actual portion looks like, and ways to get a lot more out of what I am eating.  I also don't drink Soda, and save for some beer (which I will have to cut out even more) I'm on black coffee and water.

I eat a salad for lunch (everyday except sunday),  I want to keep consistency.  I switch between a spinach/banana smoothie, avocado, or something super light for a snack.  Sometimes for breakfast I have either an egg, or a smoothie, and I have to have my coffee.  I try and drink a lot of water... 10-12 glasses a day (8-10) water bottles.

So sticking to eating healthy sure was easy after the first month (332 starting weight at 6'3") but it sure was hard during the first month.  I remember hating it, getting angry and not caring really about much.  My release has been cycling as long as I can remember so I used that to get away from the diet, clear my head and get some exercise (Win/WIN).

My current ride setup is;  Road bike in the trainer, Fatbike for woods action.  I try and get an hour spin in a day and this will certainly keep my legs up.

Im going to keep on keeping on, and since I've been getting super positive responses to this journey, I will start updating this more.  I am currently sitting at 301 lbs.  And now that Ive lost a chunk of weight I want to work harder, do gym workouts, get on my bike as much as possible and keep up the work.  Big things are coming this year!  I can't wait.

A big ol' shout out To Kyle, Sean and Endo Customs!!  Thanks John for the support too!