Monday, December 8, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Rob's Custom Surly Krampus w/ Chris King

Is a single speed all you need?  Well let just say to the right person, yes.  There are some pretty awesome little details on this bike that you wouldn't know unless you knew where to look.  The headbadge was handpainted, decals are custom, theres even a krmapus somewhere on the bike, but I am not telling.  Revelate Designs hooked up the bags and they are a nice compliment to the bike and holds everything you need for a day of riding (gets weight off of back).  The build on this bike was super fun, luckily we snagged some Hugo rims, built them up to Chris King hubs and used that as a starting point for this rad bike.  Jeff makes some pretty incredible bars at Jones and anyone who uses them knows there is just something special about them.   29+ is a platform that is here to stay, and makes short work of rocks, roots and rolls so quick.  Enjoy, I had some fun photographing this thing.

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ibikenz said...

Love this bike. I have a question:
I'm looking at getting a Krampus (or possibly a Wednesday) that would start as a singlespeed but quite possibly end up as a 1x11). As an old school single-speeder I'm quite fond of 8-speed chains for their reliability and cost. Will a narrow-wide chainring (like the one shown) that is designed for narrow chains work fine with an 8-speed chain set-up singlespeed?

Thanks, Antoine
(New Zealand)