Ride Report:City Cycle Faturday Ride-Hi Viz Is the New Black

The ride today was excellent, and I would like to thank everyone who joined us for the City Cycle Saturday ride.  The snow was super grippy, the rocks were pretty slippy and there was even some mud to test out the D.FENDER (now in production).  The group started with 8 people, and as the distance grew we lost a few people, the perks of riding at Highland is that there are bail points all over.  Highland also has some obstacles that you can tackle should you like to, you can even give these a shot on the Saturday rides, its the time of these year that if you fall, you're landing on snow.

D.FENDER kept everything out of my face

Salsa Cycles Beargrease Carbon


Stretch It out

Two Light Bikes

right before testing the ground out

Revealte Designs Feedbag Keeps Your Liquid Warmer Longer

45NRTH the warmest



Beautiful Bike

Making it with onlookers, thanks for the shot RICK B!!!

Wheelie Wednesday On FATurday

GWC-Guy With Camera



Warmth and Protection