#FITINTHATKIT: 24 Weeks down, #30daysoffitinthatkit

I was inspired 24 weeks ago by Kyle at Golden Saddle Cyclery to fit into a special kit.  Since those 24 weeks have elapsed I am down a good bit in the lbs.  Ill take it, but I want more.  Time to set another goal and get back on the saddle even more now that the weather has shifted.  So here goes, I will ride every day in April, rain or shine with a follow up goal to loose 30lbs in the month of April. Hopefully I will update the blog daily in that time, and you can follow the rides on STRAVA, with some extra pictures on Instagram.  I put in some decent base trainer rides this winter when it was too cold for me to get out on the Fatbike, being outside is much better than spinning a trainer.

Two years ago I rode everyday in April, it was excellent.  My only gripe is that if you are going to do 30 days of riding, which is a apparently a thing now, why not put some effort into it.  

Again I can't stress enough how Kyle from GSC and Sean from TDBT get me stoked, heres to working on my fitness for when I get to LA.  

Anyone local to me want to join in just let me know, anyone outside of my locality just follow along on Instagram and tag your photos #FITINTHATKIT, and #30daysofFITINTHATKIT