Day 15 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT- Road Ride To Gravel Exploration

Chris stopped by the shop today and we decided to go for a spin after work.  The ride was fun and some of the descents were good, I wish we had time to find some long swooping roads.  Supplementing our ride with some gravel next to the tracks we both were amazed at just what the tires handled.  The gravel was pretty big and yes I would've pefered a cross bike but shit, it was excellent to just do fun stuff.   I ended up snagging a slow leak, pretty sure it was from coming up short on bunny hopping a double manhole but it could've been from gravel.    I didn't notice it till a mile or two after the gravel section.  Either way, being prepared has its merits.  I look forward to more of these fun road rides.