Day 19 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT- How To Get Stuck In A Rain Storm

Today I had a little more of something that I typically don't have a lot of, yep, you guessed it, time!  What did I want to do with that whopping extra 30 minutes, well I wanted to climb.  Earlier in the week, Peltzer, Novack and I found a new climb that is fun and has minimal traffic.  I wanted to add this to the After School Special, so today I did.  I knew that there was a 50% chance of rain at 6pm so I wanted to make it out and have most of my ride done before then.  

While cleaning my basement last night I found a tire that I had used on the trainer this winter so I was able to get the plastic bike back up for todays ride.  I packed my Giro New Road 3-1 wind coat, a banana, a bottle with skratch and my Yanco X Tracko tool roll up and made the attempt.  I made the climb and on the descent it started a light drizzle so I continued, out 403 made it to 711 and the rain got a little harder but I was already there so I continued out to 56, made the little climb and put on the coat for what is usually a fast section.  Immediately after cresting the hill I was greated with a headwind, not the oh i just dropped a MPH headwind, the Fuck I was just going 29MPH and now I'm at 9MPH, and feels like I'm going to get tossed from my bike at any moment.  I continued in the shit fest, and the rain turned into a downpour, by the time I reached the west end I was soaked, with a while to go I rubbed my thighs creating some sort of heat, and wishing I had used a light Embro before the ride.  Trudging on I decided to dip through the City to cut down on the horizontal beating of rain I was now experiencing.    I couldn't help but constantly think to myself this shit sucks, I'm over it, my cellphone is in a plastic bag, make the call.  Deciding to press on I finally arrived home, cold, wet and tired from a ride that doesn't typically provide me with any of those feelings.  Glancing down at my Garmin, I saw what I had been hoping for 3452 calories burned!  FUCK YES!  #FITINTHATKIT



Hope Cyclery said…
Lol sure is... What a bitch yesterday was.