Day 21 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT- Why Two Bikes Are Better Than One

Today I really wanted to make it into the woods to give the Tranny another go.  It was given to me with some "rear tire issues"  apparently these issues weren't solved with a bunch of Stan's.  Maybe we will talk more about the inevitable failure in a little bit.  Sometimes the most fun bikes are the ones that make no noise.  Thats really what I like about this thing.  Belt driven single speeds are pretty much silent.  I felt like I could concentrate on the trail.   Making it through part of the loop, I felt pretty good, before the tire issues reared their head.  Having to hike out, I was happy to have my Trusty Salsa Cycles Blackborow back in the car.  I pulled it out and continued a loop that I had in my head for a while, crossing over between trails several times.  Usually I don't notice the weight of my fattie, but going from a carbon wheeled, carbon framed bike at 20.4 lbs to my 31lb fattie I did notice it.  After a brief pedal I got my fatbike legs back.  Ending on a descent in the dark is a great way to end the night even if it wasn't on the bike you originally planned.