Day 22 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT- HTFU 30s and Raining

HTFU.  Thats what I kept saying to myself while on this ride.  When your day starts off with a mix of snow and rain and it "road bike day"  you have to put yourself somewhere mentally.  Not one to typically ride road in these conditions the phrase rain or shine also comes into play.  This vow I have to myself to get out and workout by bike this month has been paying off, with the way I feel, and the weight loss accompanying it.

I decided to get dressed and rush out the door.  Immediately greeted by mother natures icy grip on spring I started off getting soaked in the first 5 minutes.  I pressed on, made it to point A continued on and played around with the thought for a new loop.  Originally I was going to climb Eisenhower, but my toes were soaked and numb, my fingers were soaked and numb, my core was warm, but I turned back halfway because I didn't want to chance hypothermia.   Next time I will prep with a more waterproof overboot, and some backup gloves ( two necessities).  Once home, it was apparent that I really need to invest in a boot/shoe dryer.  Sometime I hope to do a gear listing for cold/wet weather prep.

 I got enough mileage in, but not as much climbing as I wanted.  Lets hope the weather normalizes so that I can give the loop a shot next week.  I really prefer to carry a wind jacket rather than wear two layers of tights a bunch of wool and some waterproof layers.  The adage about April showers is pretty prominent this month so I will be putting some road bike fenders on my bike.