Day 5 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT-Before Dusk + Into The Night

Its a pleasure to ride your bike.  I was lucky enough to chase some sunset tonight with friends.  Its amazing just how much I can't get enough of my single speed bikes.  The simple pleasures, I haven't ridden SS MTB in a long time and just like  fatbikes give me that feeling of being a kid again, the single speed experience is similar.  Tonight I didn't take out the IBIS and instead opted for the Krampus, knowing that I needed to give the new (Maxxis Chronicle) rear tire a shot.  I look forward to summer time and S240 adventures on this bike.  And yeah, thanks Rick for the shot.  B
y the way the re-route/new stuff at Highland is pretty decent.


Jason Novack said…
Rich got new shoes!