Day 8 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT-Rain Or Shine Its Gravel Time

Some things get me pumped to get out and ride.  I'm no fair weather cyclist, and for whatever reason the wet season is a blast to ride for me.  I decided to take the cross bike out for a spin as I've been neglecting my drop bar brethren lately.  Perks of a cross bike include, but are not limited to 1) Doing RAD shit, 2) Finding rad shit, 3) bombing muddy ass dirt roads after climbing them.  I really wish that there was more daylight, and I can't wait till the weekend to go explore some dirt roads.   Im really just contemplating a 5-8 hour gravel ride on Sunday.

If anyone has any suggestions, I hope to spend some time looking at a map at some point before Friday.