Ride Report: Gravel Deaux

More gravel, I know.  Let preface this by saying that to me riding isn't necessarily something social, so typically I keep my rides small.  Not to be secretive, because anyone with a computer can figure out my routes via GPS, but its gems like this ride that I wish could remain a secret.  Door to door this ride is only 24 miles, but the smiles more than make up for the shortness of it.  I like rides I can enjoy after work and get home close to dark. Call it chasing sunsets if you will.  MORE ON THAT HERE.  Sean really has spawned some cool stuff lately.

This time the ride consisted of a a Salsa Cycles Fargo, Two Salsa Cycles Warbirds, and a Surly Krampus,  or Jason, Rob, John and myself if we are talking people not bikes.  We converged near the entrance to the double track and were immediately greeted with some flowing double track, scenery, and then some fun pump rollers that I had to line up for a shot on.  Water can cool down warm feet pretty quickly, and with the sun setting in the background who needed more excuses.

Mixed surfaces that are close to home can really make you feel like you are getting lost, after a long day at work.  Get out and explore!  More on this route next week.