Friday, August 21, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY- Carlo's Salsa Cycles Beargrease Carbon Custom w/ D.FENDER

Carlo made the decision that "fat is where it's at"  a while ago.  Going through this build we chose parts for longevity as well as weight, with weight not being the primary goal, but a 26lb fatbike with pedals is pretty damn good.  Starting with Whiskey Trail Carbon rims, we laced to Industry 9 Hubs (our go to for a reliable, Made In USA hubset) and kept the same matte carbon aesthetic through the whole build.  Frame, rims, bar, and seatpost were all matte.  As an added bonus Carlos snagged a D.FENDER (more on the way this week) .Not sacrificing durability for weight we used tried and true 45NRTH VanHelgas.  Stopping power is delivered by the SRAM Guide RSC brakes. Carlo knew he wanted a fork on this build so we specd the new 2016 Rockshox Bluto RCT3 after spending some time on the new dampener ourselves, this was a no brainer (more on just how much better it is later).  In all this build was a lot of fun and I am sure that Carlo is loving it.  For more info on builds or to schedule your own dream build click this link.

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