Saturday, October 17, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY- Salsa Cycles Beargrease Suspension w/ D.FENDER, Initial Review

I was lucky enough to get to enjoy this ride for the better part of a week, and I thought I would share my thoughts on how this bike rides.  I don't own this bicycle, I own a Blackborow and this bike shares some of the good things that I LOVE about my blackborow.  I did notice that the turn in on this bike is snappier as expected.  Between the smaller 4" tires, carbon frame, and tubeless wheels, it weighs a good bit less than my current ride, and remains quite playful most of the time.  This bike is a definite keeper, and I hope to make room in my stable for it one day.

Along with riding this bike the last few days, I found out a fatbike tube fits in a rumblin roll, WTB Silverado saddles get a thumbs up and the D.FENDER keeps the wet out of your face.  Having spent some time on a Beargrease in the past this wasn't a completely new experience, however the Rock Shox Bluto really makes this bike much more lively.  It really feels like a good short travel trail bike to me, and I like that.  One of the most noticeable trait of the bear grease is when you put down the power, its goes right into the ground, it feels like there is a motor on this thing.

As far as the build goes, the less Shimano the happier I am, the Sun Ringle MulFut rims were a breeze to set up tubeless, but do take a little bit of strength to remove from the rim.  X01 is precise, and robust just the way I always like it and the Guide brakes are now my go to on all of my bikes, so it was nice to have things that I have come to like.

If you are looking for a quick fatbike that can handle aggressive riding, then I would say the last few days have put this Salsa Cycles Beargrease at the top of my list.  If you want to get something rad like this check out City Cycle Supply.

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I agree...what a blast to ride!