#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY- Dave's Intergalactic Surly Ice Cream Truck w/ D.FENDER

I like the Ice Cream Truck, ever since I saw them at Frostbike last year, I was stoked that Surly released a symmetrical fattie, that had the clearance I loved from my Moonlander.  Surly added some updates, geometry similar to their venerable Krampus, their MDS (modular dropout system), 44mm head tube, and 150x15 front end make this bike fairly future proof.  Dave snagged a Salsa Horsethief last year, and had been wanting a fattie.  Problem solved, Surly blew out some of their models to make way for new pricing and different specs.  Their current run down of specials are:
Pug SS $799
Pugsley $899
Pug OPS $999
Moonlander $1199
Ice Cream Truck $1199
If you're looking for one I know a guy...  Not much to say other than this bike is sure to rip, congrats, can't wait to shred.


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