Ride Report- Showing People Around

Its not so often that I get out in the middle of a Monday for a ride.  I guess today was the exception to that.  Tori and Matt picked up some fresh bikes today (more on that later) and decided that they wanted to spend a few days camping and enjoy some of the local trails.  We went to Highland due to the time constraints, starting at 2:00 doesn't leave too much sunshine these days.  On arrival we were greeted with clouds, and a light rain. By the time we had our riding garb on, the rain died off leaving some glistening rocks to slip and slide on.  Their freshly built Salsa Cycles Bucksaws left them smiling ear to ear after the ride, and with good reason, its like the bikes were designed for the local trails in mind.  Even though I ride highland sometime 4 times a week with the fall ground cover and no fresh snow you can still easily get off of the trail at speed.  The expert side of the park was much more navigable, and the rocks weren't nearly as wet as the other side of the park.  It wasn't uncommon to hear "I can't believe how well this bike climbs" and other praises to their new bikes.  It was one solid day!  Don't be a stranger guys, next time I'll have to make it out to Ohio.


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