#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Dave's Salsa Cycles Ponyrustler w/ D.FENDER

One of the hottest bikes for 2016, the Salsa Ponyrustler was love at first ride for me, when I swung a leg over one in Utah.  This bike climbs pretty damn well, and descended like my DH bike.  I was absolutely floored when I rode one.  Fast forward a few months, this time in Lancaster, which had some similar terrain as my home trails, rocks, logs, etc.  I feel like Salsa really designed this bike for our local trails.  A slightly higher bb than what comes on the new school I-ride-up-fire-roads-or-check-out-my-shuttle-rig-bro. This has the bottom bracket clearance I need for places like Laurel, or even Highland.  It also happens to have the shortest chain stay on a 29er/27.5+ bike that will allow  a 2x drivetrain.  But numbers aside, this is the most fun dual suspension bike I've ridden in years.

The SRAM GX-1 drivetrain and Guide brakes are in it for the long haul.  Salsa uses a high modulus carbon front triangle and seat stays, and an alloy chain stay for longevity and chain wear.  Adventure by bike means that they spec'd real rims and tires (not the narrow rims/fat tire trend that keeps rearing its head).  The Fox suspension combo on this bike is great and Im sure will stay running for a long time.

Dave was lucky enough to snag one of these bikes, which will serve as a replacement for his old bike, and a supplement to his Mukluk. Be sure to give him a high five if you see him.

Anyone interested in a D.FENDER as pictured they are available here.


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