Sunday, July 24, 2016


Mike liked his other Ripley so much so that he went ahead and pulled the trigger on the New LS back in May.  Like anything personal I'm a bit behind in catching up posting some of the eye candy that we have built lately, this being one of them.  With a mix of XO1 shifters and an GX1 cassette, alloy Raceface Turbine cinch cranks this is setup great for local conditions.   I really feel like the 1x11 and 1x12 eagle allow more than enough range while freeing up bar space and simplifying drivetrains.  The bike remains mostly stock, which is a testament to how well IBIS specs their build kits.  One addition was an Industry 9 wheelset ( not pictured).  Fox's new CTD shock with their Evol cartidge keeps the real wheel planted on technical climbs and descents alike.  You can even get the new 2017 Ripley LS 1x11 Special Blend build for $3999.99.  Contact your local IBIS dealer for more info.


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Maven Rogue said...

What is the brand of the mudguard?

Maven Rogue said...
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