Ride Report: Showing People Around Saddle Club

Saddle Club is an unmarked gem of Johnstown.  With every up you are rewarded with a fun descent. I wish we could run laps on this place all day long.  We started climbing from the lot and connected some trails to make it to the top for the first descent.  Climb, descend, repeat.  Even the flat sections of trail here are a blast, and with the recent rain there happened to be plenty of hero dirt.  It was great having Dime and Sarah along as this place in unmarked, so getting around is nearly impossible if you don't know the trails.  After the main ride we ventured to Satan's sidewalk to see how far we could make it.  Imagine a 150ft single track rock garden, yep it was a blast.  Here are some shots from the outing, I can't wait to make it to Laurel.


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