#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY- Mike's Custom Trek Fuel EX Carbon Plus bike w/ Whisky, King, SRAM goes to 12!

Plus bikes come in all sizes and shapes, well sort of, a real plus bike has a rim at least 35mm internal width with some of the best feeling bikes that Ive ridden closer to that 40mm mark.  Shameful as it may sound some companies jumped on the bandwagon and released sub par products, early.  Trek waitied to release a perfected product, with proper width rims.  That being said we took a nearly perfect bike for Pennsylvania, but took it to 12 (spinal tap needs to get with the times).  Starting with a completely blank canvas and building a bike from the frame up allow us to use the most perfected products for our riding local.  If you're riding box bikes, and you've replaced parts, upgraded parts, or have a tendency to brake a specific part on a bicycle you may be a candidate for a custom or semi custom bike.  Mike sought us out to build him his dream bicycle, one that is comprised of specific parts that have stood up well to abuse, yet are light and mechanically sound.  Behold the bike that I managed to take a few frames of right before sunset the day he picked it up, I'm so into this bike!

For those that care, some, but not the full specs.
Trek OCLV Carbon Fuel EX Frame
Whisky 50 Rims hand built to Industry wheels with boost spacing front and rear
RockShox Pike RCT3 w/ Stikrd decal kit
Chris King Bottom Bracket
Whisky No. 9 carbon bar
Thomson 150mm drop, dropper post
Full SRAM Eagle 1x12 Drivetrain
SRAM Guide Ultimate