#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Shawn's Salsa Cycles Blackborow

A while back, Salsa was closing out some Blackborow frames.  If you know me, you know I love my Blackborow, it's so much more than just a fatbike.  I feel like it can do so many things well, and was ahead of the curve with geometry when it was launched two years ago.  A slightly taller bottom bracket and short chainstays, make for one hell of a playful bike that can tackle a lot of mixed terrain summer, winter, spring or fall.  Shawn stopped by the shop to talk about what he wanted out of his new fatbike, we chose the Blackborow, for the reasons above, and went to work creating a build that would mix a low enough gear range with reliable shifting. Enjoy the bike Shawn!


Shawn R said…
Awesome fat bike. Had everything i wanted. Scales hills better than my Trek. Thanks again Jarrod!!!!