The Inclined Plane Trail Project....IS RAD!

I haven't written here over the last couple of years, but this is certainly noteworthy in the area, and for the time being some things may find there way here. So perhaps stay tuned.  I'd really like to thank Mike for spearheading this project and doing so much for cycling in Johnstown in such a short time!  YOU FUCKING KILLED IT!!!


Over the Winter, Mike Cook organized a team of individuals to hand dig some trail.  Specifically the Inclined Plane Trail Project.  If you havent heard of it, its currently in development and has two separate trails that drape the hillside to connect towards the middle.  The Inclined plane trail has good speed, some flow, but its raw, and fun as hell.  Some of the perks of it being located downtown are that it is accesible, by public transport from Richland instead of driving, hitch a ride with CamTran and then finish your commute to the entrance, where you can get 10 rides for $20 up the hill and then ride home if you'd like or take transit. For me, as someone who wants to use my car only when I really need to this opens up a bunch of riding opportunity, afterwards you could even visit The Press, or Stone Bridge Brewing Company, definitely the best food and drinks in downtown right now! Stay tuned for an event incorporating the trails for a great time. Enjoy the photos below, but only for personal use.

No money was paid to Mike Cook for the development of these trails and they were built with 100% volunteer labor, something I'm proud to be a part of, especially with the current climate of paid trails and destroyed rock gardens.







Unknown said…
We appreciate your patronage at the incline plane, and are really glad to see the muddy bikes and happy faces! Keep Riding Hard!! and I will see you at the bottom. Great Pictures!!!
mzibura said…
Looking to do some runs this weekend......not on a gravel bike.