Frozen Fat 2014: Day 1- Brews and Cues

Day 2 - Some climbing
Day 3 - Sunday Funday

With a hell of a lot of anticipation going into my first Frozen Fat (only fatbike weekend in Pennsylvania) I didn't know what to expect.  Day one or should I say night was was filled with a fun little ride from the campground to the local "establishment" to get our maps and cue sheets.  Not one for following direction (see post) I was hesitant about this endeavor.  There wasn't any snow on the ground friday night which had me wondering what kind of craziness would happen on Saturday.

We met up down the road and Evan handed out the goods, we bullshit a while about the route, and enjoyed a few pitchers of IPAs.  Remember I just wanted to complete this ride, I wasn't really racing, it was more of an event in which I could test myself, and I thought twenty miles, Ive done twenty-five on my moonlander in the woods no problem.

Part of the absolute fun of this event is getting to chill the night before, at the bar, and around the campfire with the other attendees. It was nice to see all the weird setups, from full fat, half fat, IGH equipped bikes, and even a few plastic bikes.

After you've had enough turn on your blinkers and return to the campsite, drink a lot of water and mentally prepare yourself for the following day.