Monday, January 20, 2014

Frozen Fat 2014: Day 2 - There WILL Be Some Climbing

Day 1- Brews and Cues
Day 3- Sunday Funday

After taking a non traditional path to prepare myself for the day, by ingesting more liquid courage than I should have only to wake up feeling only slightly better than a zombie feels, I chose to still give this whole race thing a go.  Again a race can be anything you want it to be, for me I was racing against myself, simply to prove to myself that I could do it.  Some people race against others, and some people figure out how to cut the course by looking at a map and skipping 12 miles (its really personal preference).  Choosing to of the course in its entirety I learned early on that I should have invested in some Cobrafist Pogies, and brought multiple layers with me.

Preparing by being over prepared there are some things I would had made sure to have instead of skipping out on.  I would have packed extra layers in a seat bag (which I left at home),  I would have packed more liquid, and made sure to have my bottle of hot  Scratch Labs mix.  Some of these things slipped my mind in the morning and some of them just slipped my mind.  Next year I will be sure to have everything I need.

One aspect you don't get with other traditional races is the sense of camaraderie, I met some great people before, during and after the event that got me stoked on riding, kept me stoked on riding and gave me some stoke after the event was completed.  So thanks to Brett, Anthony, Jason, Rob, and Jamie, for helping me through the event in one way or another.  A super big thanks goes to Rothrock Outfitters and Evan for setting the whole damn thing up and providing a weekend of stoke. The race course was fun, the climbs were super challenging, and I was beat up, but happily I can say that I completed the course, didn't cut it, and finished without frostbite.

I will certainly be attending next year.  And yeh my legs were toast.

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